Smarter Business Support – 15/1/2021

The lockdown continues and we very much hope the levelling off of cases continues and we start to see some positive changes.  The Chancellor has not made any new announcements this week and therefore I point you towards our blog from last week here > for details of what support is currently available.

We promised last week to provide an update of where the Local Councils are with the various grants that are available. Probably, like us, you are confused as there are so many different grant schemes now (11 to do with the national restrictions and tiering!). We have produced some tables that show the status and links to websites, by authority. We hope that will help you get to the information and application you need:

The various District Councils in the area are all treating things differently and are all at different stages. We are hearing a few mixed messages with some Authorities being slower than others to get funds out. Please let us know your experiences. Also let us know if there are other Authorities you would like us to add to the tables as we will continue to update these, at least weekly.

At Smarter Accounting we are busy because the deadline for the filing of 2019/20 self-assessment tax returns is still 31 January 2021. There has been no indication that this will be extended. Currently 2019/20 figures are not being used in any of the grant calculation methods, however, it is possible this could change. Therefore, we recommend that if you have not yet brought in your records that you do so as a matter of urgency.

The Smarter Accounting Offices will continue to be staffed but will not be open for face to face meetings. We can always make other arrangements for video conferencing or telephone calls if required. If you are dropping off or collecting records via the office, please notify us in advance and wear a facemask.  Please be aware that we are reviewing our policy regards COVID 19 on, at least, a weekly basis.

We provide more regular updates via Facebook. Therefore, if you want the latest news then like our Facebook page >

Best wishes and stay safe